Windsor Olympus Academy, Perrott Street, Birmingham, B18 4LX
Part of Windsor Academy Trust
students performing on stage at the windsor academy trust conference

Extraordinary Opportunities

Providing children with opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom is crucial to supporting their development. At our school, your child will experience an extraordinary range of opportunities that will help them unlock their potential.

Through the Windsor Academy Trust Pledge, all students will achieve 12 experiences and accomplishments before leaving our school. This includes taking part in an expedition and raising money for charity alongside other cultural, educational and personal development experiences.

Our extensive extracurricular programme will enable students to develop new skills and follow their passions. There will also be many opportunities for students to showcase their talent in performances, sporting activities, and inter-house competitions.

Students will develop their leadership skills and collaborate with our family of schools on activities such as the Student Senate, WAT Games, WAT Choir and Dance Festivals.

These extraordinary opportunities will provide your child with a wide range of experiences and enable them to unlock their academic and personal potential.

The WAT Pledge

students on an expedition

All students will achieve 12 experiences and accomplishments before leaving our school that will inspire them and boost their development. 

Learning beyond the classroom

students performing at the windsor academy trust conferenceStudents can take part in a huge range of extracurricular activities allowing them to follow their passions and develop new skills.